Assassins Creed 5 wont be set in Japan…

Sorry samurai fans but Jade Raymond of Ubisoft Montreal has said that the next Assassins Creed wont take place during feudal Japan. She went on to say that although she couldn’t say specifically, the next game would take place during her personal favourite historical era. Considering AC IV was developed for last gen consoles and the amount of teams currently working on the franchise, its safe to say that the next instalment isn’t far off and this time will hopefully be optimized for Next Gen consoles. AC IV received all round great reviews for its slightly lighter tone and swash buckling pirate simulation. If you haven’t already played it then its more than worth a play through. It can be picked up for around £25.00/$30.00 for Xbox 360 and PS3 or for around £40.00/$50.00 on Xbox ONE and PS4. For those who don’t mind buying second hand you may find a copy on eBay for a saving of around £20.00 or $30.00.


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