Twitch live streaming coming to Xbox One.. (finally)

Yes its finally happening all you streaming fans, you will now be able to stream live gameplay directly from your Xbox One console. Twitch has been available on Xbox One since launch but only as a way of watching other gamers channels. But now Xbox fans will be given the full service thanks to a fancy new app update built by the Twitch team themselves as apposed to the PS4 App which is built in house at SONY. CEO and Co founder of Twitch Emmet Shear has said that Xbox One will now be given “Complete integration” which is great news for Xbox fans. Apart from your basic live streaming you will also be able to start live streams using Kinect voice commands, use the chat function and it will also allow the user to broadcast themselves via Kinect (if they don’t mind people looking at them in their silk PJs, Surely I’m not the only one). The update will go live on March 11 just in time for Titanfall’s launch the same day in the US.

Note: Many Xbox One early adopters were upset that live streaming wasn’t available at launch, but in my opinion I’d rather the App be developed properly and not released before it was finished. If you disagree let me know your thoughts in the comments….


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