Xbox One Titanfall bundle £399 in the UK….

In conjunction with Titanfall’s UK release on the 14th of March, Microsoft has permanently lowered the price of the Xbox One in the UK to just £399. Not only that but for a limited time only they have also included a FREE copy of arguably this years most hotly anticipated title ‘Titanfall’.  When asked if this new deal with the inclusion of the Kinect sensor and Titanfall, had Microsoft finally justified the Xbox One’s price against that of the cheaper PS4, UK marketing Boss Harvey Eagle said “Yeah, it’s about value rather than price”.  The Xbox One Titanfall bundle includes a controller, HDMI cable, power cable, Kinect sensor, black Xbox One console, one month of Xbox live Gold and of course your copy of Titanfall. Pre orders are available now from most game retailers in the UK. If you want to take a look at the bundle on Amazon I have included a link here.

Click here to see my on-going preview of Titanfall….


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