Rockstar have announced via their website that Grand Theft Auto V will be getting a new piece of DLC called ‘The Business Update’ which will be available March 4th. The update will add quite a bit of new content included cars, clothes, hair styles and weapons. As the name suggests, all of the new content will revolve around a business theme as well as some unrelated Story Mode content. The single player content will be in the form of new assassination missions, new flight school missions and “much more”. Rockstar also notes that players should grab what they can from the Valentines day Massacre update now, as these items will not be available in game after March 2nd.


The Grotti Turismo R and the Albany Alpha…

Once you download the update you will receive the cars in your single player garage and they will be available to purchase with your in game money on GTA Online. The new cars are the Albany Alpha, the Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R.

The Heavy pistol and Special carbine

The new guns in question are the Heavy pistol and the Special carbine, both of which you can see above. To shooter fans and gun aficionados these two guns seem to most resemble the ‘Desert Eagle’ and ‘Heckler and Koch G36C’. You’re newly downloaded weapons will be available in a similar way to the new cars. In Story mode you will find all three characters with both new weapons and two full clips of ammo, whilst in GTA Online you will need to speed to your local Ammu-nation to pick them up with your hard earned online cash. Apart from the cars and guns Rockstar has also said that you will be given new hairstyles, clothes, tattoos, masks and even a new plane called The Vestra which you can see below…

The Vestra...

The Vestra…



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