New Batman game to be revealed next week…


According to Kotaku Rocksteady are preparing to unveil their latest entry in the hugely popular Batman Arkham series. Rocksteady have been quiet since beloved Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy appeared to out the next Arkham game in May last year. Conroy had been quoted saying he was currently working on an Arkham game even after publisher Warner Brothers announced that Roger Craig Smith would be standing in for that particular caped crusade. KC then corrected himself by saying “I am in new Arkham game coming soon, not Arkham Origins coming this fall.” Then around two weeks ago a group of journalists were invited to an event at Rocksteady Studios for an unknown reason only for them to leave they left with an embargo that ends in March. For those of you not aware, an embargo is an agreement made by companies with journalists to not disclose information until a certain date. Now a crafty GameStop worker has posted pictures of a new Batman Arkham poster that they have been told is not to be put on display until March 3rd and is to be kept a secret. Apparently he didn’t get that memo. You can see the banner below…


Unfortunately there is no way of knowing if this banner is indeed specifically for a new Arkham game, or just some other Batman Arkham related content. The insider also provided a far less credible picture of a computer screen showing an unnamed title set to be released in November of this year that supposedly represents the mystery Arkham title (Seen Below). GameStop’s magazine, Game Informer, was given the pleasure of revealing Arkham Origins last year so it wouldn’t be a stretch to see them do the honours once again this year. Obviously the picture is far from conclusive but the evidence is certainly starting to pile up. If on top of that you add the fact that every Rocksteady Arkham game so far has been released in November then you certainly have some food for thought at the very least.



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