Batman Arkham Knight CONFIRMED…

Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight has been revealed as the third and final chapter of the Rocksteady Arkham franchise. ANX reported last week that a GameStop employee had come forward with what looked like new Arkham advertising material and it turns out that our suspicions were right and as predicted GameInformer was the one given the honour of the big reveal. The final instalment will also finally feature the Batmobile as a key gameplay element, as well as the biggest open world seen in the Arkham franchise, presumably to accommodate for the new Batmobile gameplay. Popular US retailer GameStop have listed Arkham Knight for release on October 14. Considering that GameInformer are owned by GameStop and that Oct 14 is a Tuesday – The traditional day most games are released in the US, its likely that this is accurate. Batman Arkham Knight will be available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC which means any Bat-fans out there who haven’t upgraded to next gen yet better start saving or risk missing out on the finale of one of the greatest franchises of recent years. You can view the explosive new trailer below…


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