GTA V Heists update…


Grand Theft Auto Online may finally be giving fans what they want as it appears that Rockstar are putting Heist related code into the game with its most recent update. According to popular GTA Online secret outer ‘funmw2’ texts in the patch update 1.10 show that Rockstar are at least building towards adding the heists by secretly laying the groundwork for how the player receives heist information in their apartment as well as info on some sort of in game tournaments. The text relating to heists is shown below…

At the printer, press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to collect the heist details.
Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to collect the heist details.
Start Heist

The text refers to a printer which can be found inside the player’s apartment and according to this leak this is where the player will get their heist information from which it will then be put up on the planning board. The hope is that with Rockstar adding this base layer of code into the actual game the highly coveted online heists can’t be too far off , or at the very least Rockstar is in the process of building towards them. Another leak uncovered  by funmw2 shows information hinting at the future inclusion of some sort of online tournaments, although at the moment we are unsure of the actual context and game modes these will be played out in. You can see the text below..

Tournament Qualification Playlist
You successfully recorded a total time of ~A~. All players that qualify for the Tournament will be contacted by Rockstar once the qualification period is over.
You’ve joined a Tournament Qualification Playlist in progress. Scores from this attempt will not be submitted.
Are you sure you want to start this Tournament Playlist?

Its good to see that Rockstar is still working on fresh content as well as the stuff that we are already aware of.

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