GTA V Jetpack update…

GTA V jetpack

Ever heard of Jake Steed? No? Me neither. According to literally hundreds of GTA V super fans though, he may be the key to unlocking the mystery of the toy every GTA fan is aching to have… the elusive, hilarious and scientifically possible (cough) JETPACK. The Grand Theft Auto jetpack has become something of a cult legend amongst fans of the series following its debut in GTA San Andreas. Before we dive into this latest rumour though, allow me to remind you of the short but sweet history behind this beloved device.

The Mount Chiliad mystery...

The Mount Chiliad mystery…

The Jetpack was originally unlocked during the mission ‘Black Project’ in which the player was sent to a secret government facility in the desert to steal a top secret device and escape with it. The mixture of stealth, action and the final jetpack escape earned the mission high regard amongst fans and was the beginning of a great love affair with the highly useful jet-propelled backpack. A few years later Rockstar released GTA IV, which unlike San Andreas had much grittier and serious tone. This generally went down well, however whilst fans appreciated the new direction they also voiced their displeasure at the lack of the silly sparkle coined by older iterations of the franchise and that leaving the jetpack out was a big loss. Rockstar responded five years later with Grand Theft Auto V and a return to form in the silliness department. Whilst gritty and serious at times, GTA V also included many of the unrealistic hilariousness of old much to fan delight. One item on the fan wish list was still sorely missing though. Which brings us finally to Jake Steed.

Jake Steed is a ‘legendary’ 90s porn star and failed rap artist who was arrested in the year 2000 and fled the US the same year. Assuming most of you aren’t 90’s porn fanatics, what you wont know is that Steed appeared in an adult re-make of the Disney movie The Rocketeer named The Cockateer under the alias of Jack Sheepe. Apart from the witty wordplay, the most interesting thing about this particular film to us is that it largely revolved around the use of jetpacks and that this was Steed’s only film under the alias Jack Sheepe. Now if you drive to Trevor’s airfield in GTA V you find this…

GTA V Jetpack

Get ‘serviced’ by Jack Sheepe…

The Reddit users responsible for this find also noted that ‘Jack Sheepe servicing tri manifold’ is an anagram for ‘Jetpack confirmed’, albeit with a couple of letters left over. Whilst this does seem far fetched on its own, if you add that the runtime for The Rocketeer is exactly 108 minutes on top of what’s already been uncovered then the theory starts to look more and more convincing. As absurd as this conspiracy seems it wouldn’t be beyond GTA V writer and Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser to weave something as ridiculous as this into the GTA narrative. Perhaps even Steed’s rap career had something to do with it. Houser is well know to be a huge music fan and was hugely influenced by the 90s rap scene when originally creating the 3D era of the GTA franchise. His brother and Rockstar co-founder Sam Houser even started out working at record label BMG.

Even if it all turns out to be wishful thinking, you cant help but love a good conspiracy theory and we’re sure that if the Jetpack isn’t in the game at the moment then it no doubt will be added later.

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  1. If this is true, do you think its a coincidence that the boss’s name of the mobster gang was Eddie Valentine, and the valentine’s day DLC theme seemed to me like mobsters (examples: the online loading screen advertising the valentine’s Day pack has a picture of what looks like properly dressed mobsters, also the DLC released what seems to be a tommy gun as a weapon in the game). Has anyone thought that maybe the DLC is referring to Eddie Valentine?

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