GTA Online: Owning Multiple Apartments

According to a crafty Reddit user, GTA Online players will soon be able to buy multiple apartments rather than be forced to sell their current property in order to buy a new one. This find stems from the Reddit user finding hidden code in the latest patch that allowed them to select the specific property they would like to travel to from the Quick GPS function, rather than just the ‘Home’ option currently available. Obviously we are making this assumption on relatively little but the image captured in-game clearly shows a specific address, which seems like a fairly obvious indication of the change. You can see the Quick GPS menu below…


Given that GTA Online players have been clamouring for more property allowance for some time, its unsurprising that Rockstar have given in to their demands. Loyal fans have been vocal with their disappointment over the growing wait for Heists to be added into the game, so perhaps this will at least buy the developers some time in that regard. For more updates on Grand Theft Auto click the links below…

  Jetpack                                                   DLC                                                 Heists

GTA V Online


ANX Games


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