Hi everyone, I’m Doug. Currently I’m 21 and I live in Liverpool, England. I set up this blog to get some experience in writing and generally get a feel of what it is to wade out into the open waters of the internet by myself. You’re reading this so I will assume that you’d like to know a little about me and so in the interest of being a gracious host, I will oblige.

Me in the middle at my 21st Birthday…

I suppose there’s only one place to start considering the context of this page and that is the title of my blog, The Anxious Gamer or ANX. Unfortunately at around the age of 17 a set of unforeseen circumstances saw me develop what became a crippling anxiety disorder. This meant when leaving my home I became extremely anxious and I struggled in most, if not all social situations. It eventually got so bad that I dropped out of school and in many ways became a full-on recluse. The best way I can describe it to you is if you can remember how nervous you were on your very first day at school, well that is how I felt at most times during the day. This meant I would spend the vast majority of my time in bed with nothing to do but watch TV and play games, see where I’m going with this? Whilst I have always truly loved video games in all forms, I never quite felt the connection to them that I do today because of the way I played them then and how the circumstances I was in saw them becoming my sole escape in what was at the time a very poor quality of life. Games in many ways became my life and looking back its easy to see why. Why would I want to mope around the house all day when I could be scoring goals at Wembley, slaying dragons in Skyrim or going on a world wind adventure with my long time friend and mentor Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan? Like many other people, games gave me an escape from the real world and let me live a life I could only dream of. For that I will be eternally grateful to all those wonderful, talented developers out there whom I now idolize so much.

Me and Sully (Not)

Me and Sully (Not)

Thanks to lots of support from my friends, family and my wonderful therapist Fran, I’m now on the mend and can cope far better with the non-stop all action romp that most of you will know as ‘the real world’. Which brings us to today. Whilst I would still like to continue my education some day, today I feel is the perfect opportunity to really explore my options and see if writing about games is a viable future for me and obviously, to see if I’m actually any good at it.

Some of my finest...

Some of my finest…

Outside of gaming I have plenty of other interests to fill the time between ‘Xbox off’ and ‘Xbox on’. I would like to think I have a pretty unrivalled wealth of knowledge on film and TV thanks to my many, many months in bed and my many, many, many hours reading facts and trivia on IMDB. I also go through phases of collecting Warhammer 40K. But whilst I enjoy it a lot, I do find the 5 hour painting sessions grow old after a few days. I currently have a modest collection of Dark Angels as well as a few Grey Knight models that I just paint for the fun. Finally like most boys from Liverpool, I have grown up with a fierce interest in Football and specifically Liverpool FC. Not to alienate US readers, Liverpool FC are currently owned by the hugely successful Boston Red Sox owners John W Henry and Tom Werner. Both are credited with helping the Red Sox end their 86 year wait for a championship by steering them to victory in 2003, just a year after they were purchased by Henry and Werner. Whilst I am in no way the next Steven Gerrard, growing up I was known to be a fairly talented footballer having played for numerous teams throughout my youth. Recently I have started playing again as part of my recovery from illness which I am thoroughly enjoying.

Anfield Shankly gates...

Anfield Shankly gates…

So if reading this has in some way made you feel more inclined to read my site head back to the Home Page by clicking on ‘The Anxious Gamer’ at the top, or you can click here. If not I hope you will Follow me on Twitter at least, just in case you miss out on an important story. Finally if anyone would like to get in touch with me about the site or anything mentioned above please do at Dougdb7@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day….


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