The Order 1886


The first piece of gameplay footage for The Order 1886 has finally been released by Readyatdawn Studios, the studio behind God of War on the PSP and a Wii version of Okami. The Order will be their first major release on console and their first original IP. The trailer shows a mix of gameplay, cutscenes and a quick time event in what is a fairly unusual unveiling of a game we have yet to see an awful lot about. From the outset though you can tell that Readyatdawn look to have nailed the smog covered “Neo-Victorian” look that got gamers excited in the original trailer. The alternate history mash up of sci-fi weaponry and tech in an old English setting all blends together quite nicely without the futuristic weaponry looking out of place, thanks to the gorgeous art design. You get the feeling that if The Order is to be a success, the characters and setting will play a much more integral role than the actual running and gunning. That’s not to say it doesn’t look fun though. The Order already infamously looks to play similarly to Xbox fan favourite Gears of War, which any Gears fan will tell you is no bad thing. Although at the moment the frame rate looks to be dropping well below the 30FPS that Readyatdawn have promised, undoubtedly that will be ironed out during optimization before release. The final part of the trailer features a short quick time event that shows one of The Order characters known as Galahad engaging in hand to hand combat with an enemy. According to Readyatdawn QTEs such as this one will not be your typical linear event, as the player will have to make snap decisions and hit the corresponding button on their controller. Overall The Order 1886 looks very promising. With gorgeous graphics, a brilliant setting and hopefully silky smooth shooting PlayStation fans should definitely keep an eye on this one. The Order 1886 is currently scheduled for release in 2014 exclusively on PlayStation 4. You can watch the trailer below…

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