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Assassin’s Creed: Unity revealed….


Ubisoft has revealed that the latest chapter in the immensely popular Assassin’s Creed franchise will be titled – Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Speculation had been building regarding the next AC instalment and after images of the game leaked last week Ubisoft have now unveiled the game officially. The reveal came in the form of a trailer made up of what Ubisoft are claiming to be Alpha game footage, if this is indeed the case then our eyes are definitely in for a treat as the scenes shown are distinctly stunning despite it only being a very early cut of the game.

Assassin's Creed: Unity trailer snapshot....

Assassin’s Creed: Unity trailer snapshot….

Not long ago ANX reported that Jade Raymond of Ubisoft Montréal had been quoted saying the next Assassin Creed game would not be set during the rumoured era of Feudal Japan, but that it would be set during her “personal favourite” historic era. As it turns out that era appears to be the French Revolution. Kotaku recently reported leaked images of an up and coming AC game, which when compared to the footage in the trailer, do seem fairly genuine. The images in question features the latest protagonist walking the streets of Paris, but most importantly he seems to be an uncanny resemblance of the man shown in the official trailer. According to sources confirmed by Eurogamer, this latest AC game will feature 18th Century Paris and a new playable character called Arno.

Leaked images...

Leaked images…

The trailer for Assassin’s Creed: Unity, which you can see below, features a handful of empty alleys and streets around Paris and finishes by showing a huge crowd surrounding what appears to be some form of public execution. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, ANX speculates that the story will focus to some extent around the famous Reign of Terror era towards the end of the French revolution, between June 1793 to July 1794. The reason behind this suspicion being that the star of this particular execution is an 18th century guillotine. The guillotine was infamously used by the French during this period, but specifically after the revolution itself during the political chicanery that followed. Large public guillotine executions like the one shown in the trailer were held all through the ‘Terror’ period, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to see the story at least partially take place during this time. Many high profile executions were also carried out throughout this timeline, historic figures such as King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were given the chop in scenarios not too dissimilar to the scene at the climax of the reveal. Given AC’s reputation for attempting to weave genuine historic figures into their own twisted version of history, it’s not unlikely this theory could turn out to be true.

Of course at this point everything is purely conjecture, as we wont truly know what Assassin shenanigans we’ll be getting up to until Ubisoft officially announces it. Given that they have released an Assassin’s Creed game every November for the last five years, we doubt it will be long until we get some more details on this up and coming title. Assassins Creed: Unity will be exclusive to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.



Rockstar have announced via their website that Grand Theft Auto V will be getting a new piece of DLC called ‘The Business Update’ which will be available March 4th. The update will add quite a bit of new content included cars, clothes, hair styles and weapons. As the name suggests, all of the new content will revolve around a business theme as well as some unrelated Story Mode content. The single player content will be in the form of new assassination missions, new flight school missions and “much more”. Rockstar also notes that players should grab what they can from the Valentines day Massacre update now, as these items will not be available in game after March 2nd.


The Grotti Turismo R and the Albany Alpha…

Once you download the update you will receive the cars in your single player garage and they will be available to purchase with your in game money on GTA Online. The new cars are the Albany Alpha, the Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R.

The Heavy pistol and Special carbine

The new guns in question are the Heavy pistol and the Special carbine, both of which you can see above. To shooter fans and gun aficionados these two guns seem to most resemble the ‘Desert Eagle’ and ‘Heckler and Koch G36C’. You’re newly downloaded weapons will be available in a similar way to the new cars. In Story mode you will find all three characters with both new weapons and two full clips of ammo, whilst in GTA Online you will need to speed to your local Ammu-nation to pick them up with your hard earned online cash. Apart from the cars and guns Rockstar has also said that you will be given new hairstyles, clothes, tattoos, masks and even a new plane called The Vestra which you can see below…

The Vestra...

The Vestra…

The Order 1886 first gameplay footage…


The first piece of gameplay footage for The Order 1886 has finally been released by Readyatdawn Studios, the studio behind God of War on the PSP and a Wii version of Okami. The Order will be their first major release on console and their first original IP. The trailer shows a mix of gameplay, cutscenes and a quick time event in what is a fairly unusual unveiling of a game we have yet to see an awful lot about. From the outset though you can tell that Readyatdawn look to have nailed the smog covered “Neo-Victorian” feel that got people so excited after the initial reveal trailer. The alternate history mash up of sci-fi weaponry and tech in an old English setting all blends together quite nicely, without the futuristic weaponry looking out of place thanks to the gorgeous art design. You get the feeling that if The Order is to be a success, the characters and setting will play a much more integral role than the actual running and gunning. That’s not to say it doesn’t look fun though. The Order already infamously looks to play similarly to Xbox fan favourite Gears of War, which any Gears fan will tell you is no bad thing. Although at the moment the frame rate looks to be dropping well below the 30FPS that Readyatdawn have promised, undoubtedly that will be ironed out during optimization before release. The final part of the trailer features a short quick time event that shows one of The Order’s lead protagonists known as Galahad engaging in hand to hand combat with an enemy. According to Readyatdawn QTEs such as this one will not be your typical linear event, as the player will have to make snap decisions and hit the corresponding button on their controller. Overall The Order 1886 looks very promising. With gorgeous graphics, a brilliant setting and hopefully silky smooth shooting PlayStation fans should definitely keep an eye out for this one. The Order 1886 is currently scheduled for release in Q3 2014 exclusively on PlayStation 4. You can watch the trailer below…

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Xbox One Titanfall bundle £399 in the UK….

In conjunction with Titanfall’s UK release on the 14th of March, Microsoft has permanently lowered the price of the Xbox One in the UK to just £399. Not only that but for a limited time only they have also included a FREE copy of arguably this years most hotly anticipated title ‘Titanfall’.  When asked if this new deal with the inclusion of the Kinect sensor and Titanfall, had Microsoft finally justified the Xbox One’s price against that of the cheaper PS4, UK marketing Boss Harvey Eagle said “Yeah, it’s about value rather than price”.  The Xbox One Titanfall bundle includes a controller, HDMI cable, power cable, Kinect sensor, black Xbox One console, one month of Xbox live Gold and of course your copy of Titanfall. Pre orders are available now from most game retailers in the UK. If you want to take a look at the bundle on Amazon I have included a link here.

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Twitch live streaming coming to Xbox One.. (finally)

Yes its finally happening all you streaming fans, you will now be able to stream live gameplay directly from your Xbox One console. Twitch has been available on Xbox One since launch but only as a way of watching other gamers channels. But now Xbox fans will be given the full service thanks to a fancy new app update built by the Twitch team themselves as apposed to the PS4 App which is built in house at SONY. CEO and Co founder of Twitch Emmet Shear has said that Xbox One will now be given “Complete integration” which is great news for Xbox fans. Apart from your basic live streaming you will also be able to start live streams using Kinect voice commands, use the chat function and it will also allow the user to broadcast themselves via Kinect (if they don’t mind people looking at them in their silk PJs, Surely I’m not the only one). The update will go live on March 11 just in time for Titanfall’s launch the same day in the US.

Note: Many Xbox One early adopters were upset that live streaming wasn’t available at launch, but in my opinion I’d rather the App be developed properly and not released before it was finished. If you disagree let me know your thoughts in the comments….